100 EAst main Street

Louisvile, KY 40023



We are located across from aloft hotel at the parc parking garage at the corner of 1st and main street.

the bike will be either directly inside the garage at the 1st street entrance or the bike will be behind the garage next to white castle.

if you are more than 10 minutes early and don't see the bike, do not panic, it is probably on its way back from another tour.


Can small groups rent through The Thirsty Pedaler?
Yes we do public tours, we will need a minimum of 6 to go whether you have six in your group or we can put multiple groups together to get our minimum.  You will receive an email confirmation if we hit our minimum. If we don't, the tour will not go.
I can't find where you are located? Our bike will either be directly inside the PARC parking garage closest to the 1st street entrance or directly behind the garage in front of White Castle. If you are more than 10 minutes early, the bike may not have arrived yet. The Corner Bar across the street does have drink specials. Our address is 100 East Main street 40202.

How does the route work?
We start and end our 2 hour tour at 100 East Main Street and stop at up to three bars along the way. You get to choose, or your driver can help you, what bars you would like to stop at. Unless you chose the Bourbon or Craft Beer tour, those are pre-determined. Drink Specials are listed on our website. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your tour time.

Any tips for a good tour,
Yes a good playlist goes a long way. Also you want to be time efficient at your stops so instead of each person individually buying their drinks. Have one person collect $15 or $20 from each person and order the whole group's drinks at each stop. You will be happy you did. Tipping is not expected, but appreciated for our drivers.

What is the cancellation and Rain Policy

Cancellation requires 10 days before your tour for a full refund. Rain policy.
We have roofs on the bikes, so if it’s mild or medium rain you won’t even notice. We even offer free rain ponchos. If it’s severely thunder-storming, we can delay the start time, issue a rain check or refund, determined by The Thirsty Pedaler. Tours are never cancelled due to weather more than 3 hours from the start time.


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